TOSHIBA Laptop Batteries supplies long life replacement batteries for all kinds of TOSHIBA laptops/notebooks in the Netherlands. Our TOSHIBA laptop batteries are made with the Grade A battery cells from leading manufacturers. And our TOSHIBA batteries have been tested to ensure that they are 100% brand new and are 100% compatible Original Manufacturer Specifications. Fast Delivery, Easy Returns, and Warranty One Year.

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Satellite Pro C40-G-13B
Satellite Pro C40-G-138
Satellite Pro C40-G-132
Satellite Pro C40-G-11G
Satellite Pro C40-G-11R
Satellite Pro C40-G-11E
Satellite Pro C40-G-12P
Satellite Pro C40-G-126
Satellite Pro C40-G-120
Satellite Pro C50-G-10J
Satellite Pro C50-G-10H
Satellite Pro C50-G-10M
Satellite Pro C50-G-10G
Satellite Pro C50-G-10T
Satellite Pro C50-G-10K
Satellite Pro C50-G-101
Satellite Pro C50-G-106
Satellite Pro C50-G-104
Satellite Pro C50-G-108
Satellite Pro C50-J-13X
Satellite Pro C50-J-13P
Satellite Pro C50-J-13Q
Satellite Pro C50-J-11V
Satellite Pro C50-J
Satellite Pro C40-G-10P
Satellite Pro C40-G-10Y
Satellite Pro C40-G-13F
Satellite Pro C40-G-13E
Satellite Pro C40-G-109
Satellite Pro C40-G-111
Satellite Pro C40-G-11I
Satellite Pro C40-J-10Z
Satellite Pro C40-J-124
Satellite Pro C40-J-12G
Satellite Pro C40-J-125
Satellite Pro C40-H-113
Satellite Pro C40-H-10S
Satellite Pro C40-H-100
Satellite Pro C40-H-107
Satellite Pro C40-H-103
Satellite Pro C40-H-101
Satellite Pro C40-J-11Q
Satellite Pro C40-J-110
Satellite Pro C40-J-11O
Satellite Pro C40-J-11G
Satellite Pro C40-J-11I
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-17X
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-156
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-13R
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-1DE
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-103
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-15Q
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-1C2
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-19G
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-14P
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-11M
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-11L
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-128
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-13Q
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-132
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50-G-13D
Portege WT20-B2100
Portege Z20t-C-11M
Portege Z20t-C-12H
Portege Z20t-C-127
Portege Z20t-C-12G
Portege Z20t-C-15H
Portege Z20t-C-13R
Portege Z20t-C-11C
Portege Z20t-C-00H
Portege Z20t-C-156
Portege Z20t-C-11K
Portege Z20t-C-155
Portege Z20t-C-14J
Portege Z20t-C-122
Portege Z20t-C-152
Portege Z20t-C-13X
Portege Z20t-C-11Q
Portege Z20t-C-11H
Portege Z20t-C-12R
Portege Z20t-C-144
Portege Z20t-C-11R
Portege Z20t-C-121
Portege Z20t-C-11G
Portege Z20t-C-13Q
Portege Z20t-B-11L
Portege Z20t-B-11Q
Portege Z20t-B-106
Portege Z20t-B-004
Portege Z20t-B-102
Portege Z20t-B-005
Portege Z20t-B-10J
Portege Z20t-B-104
Portege Z20t-B-11P
Portege Z20t-B-0050
Portege Z20t-B-113
Portege Z20t-B-108
Portege Z20t-B-10C
Portege Z20t-B-111
Portege Z20t-B-10H
Portege Z20t-B-10Z
Portege Z20t-B-107
Portege Z20t-B-001
Portege Z20t-B-103
Portege Z20t-B-10G
satellite p50-c-14j
Portege Z930-14D
Dynabook Satellite Pro L50 L50-G Series
10 Thrive
Kirabook 13 i7m touch
Kirabook 13 i7s
kirabook PSU7FA-00Y00L
kirabook PSU7FA-00T00K
Satellite Pro C50-H-11D
Satellite Pro C50-H-11B
Satellite Pro C50-H-115
Satellite Pro C50-H-11F
Satellite Pro C50-H-11G
Satellite Pro C50-H-11E
Satellite Pro C50-H-100
Satellite Pro C50-H-10W
Satellite Pro C50-H-107
Satellite Pro C50-H-105
Satellite Pro C50-H-103
Satellite Pro C50-H-106
Satellite Pro C50-H-101
Satellite Pro C50-H-108
Portege X20W-E-107
Portege X20W-E-15F
Portege X20W-E-10N
Portege X20W-E-10J
Portege X20W-E-15G
Portege X20W-E-10C
Portege X20W-E-115
Portege X20W-E-10W
Portege X20W-E-116
Portege X20W-E-03P
Portege X20W-E-157
Portege X20W-E-133
Portege X20W-E-11L
Portege X20W-E-16N
Portege X20W-E-10K
Portege X20W-E-11M
Portege X20W-E-10H
Portege X20W-E-15E
Portege X20W-E-03V
Portege X20W-E-11K
Portege X20W-E-120
Portege X20W-E-11F
Portege X20W-E-13J
Portege X20W-E-153
Portege X20W-E-111
Portege X20W-E-13U
Portege X20W-E-13P
Portege X20W-D-123
Portege X20W-D-10N
Portege X20W-D-12J
Portege X20W-D-11M
Portege X20W-D-13D
Portege X30-F-15X
Portege X30-F-17P
Portege X30-F-14V
Portege X30-F-12U
Portege X30-F-12R
Portege X30-F-160
Portege X30-F-12M
Portege X30-F-15U
Portege X30-F-14Z
Portege X30-F-10Q
Portege X30-F-151
Portege X30-F-15T
Portege X30-F-17Q
Portege X30-F-12D
Portege X30-F-13M
Portege X30-F-158
Portege X30-F-14X
Portege X30-F-12L
Portege X30-F-19J
Portege X30-F-157
Portege X30-F-11N
Portege X30-F-17G
Portege X30-F-15Z
Portege X30-F-16M
Portege X30-F-15V
Portege X30-F-16L
Portege X30-F-172
Portege X30-F-16J
Portege X30-E-19V
Portege X30-E-162
Portege X30-E-13C
Portege X30-E-19R
Portege X30-E-1HQ
Portege X30-E-138
Portege X30-E-157
Portege X30-E-1CM
Portege X30-E-1J6
Portege X30-E-18X
Portege X30-E-1J4
Portege X30-E-19Z
Portege X30-E-1J2
Portege X30-E-1K5
Portege X30-E-1F7
Portege X30-E-179
Portege X30-E-13N
Portege X30-E-1G5
Portege X30-E-137
Portege X30-E-13D
Portege X30-E-11M
Portege X30-E-12Z
Portege X30-E-1HM
Portege X30-E-17F
Portege X30-E-16J
Portege X30-E-1DF
Portege X30-E-160
Portege X30-E-133
Portege X30-E-1HL
Portege X30-E-14Z
Portege X30-E-14M
Portege X30-E-1HN
Portege X30-E-1CK
Portege X30-E-1GU
Portege X30-E-1G7
Portege X30-E-1GJ
Portege X30-E-14L
Portege X30-E-136
Portege X30-E-05W
Portege X30-E-1HX
Portege X30-E-1G4
Portege X30-E-1J7